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This is what I wish for you, if you wish it for yourself. Particularly this paragraph, which should make every man shudder or laugh:“Do what I did, and create an altar in your room dedicated to Divine Feminine. I have a painting called “Beatrix” by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Populate your altar with anything that reminds you of the feminine, and spend a few minutes of the day in worship. In my experience with men, the two main things they long for from women is respect and acceptance.The author, however, is not content with mutual respect, laughter, and trust. You can read more about my life in the book Onward Rising.Love shrines have a lot of power to them and they help us focus on our intention and really hone in on what we want in a relationship.

You can also leave me a message in the contact form below.[contact-form-7 id=”2531″ title=”Contact form Meilena”]I am a Psychic Clairvoyant Medium and Reiki Master, and a keeper of the light this means I can help keep you on your path of enlightenment and road to personal empowerment.I work with my Spirit Guides to help deliver messages that are important for your growth and of your highest of greater good.Some are ready to date again shortly after their partner dies. You must set your own timeline, or when building a relationship with a widow or widower, giving them space to become comfortable.Applying pressure on someone else or on yourself won’t help make widow dating or widower dating easier, but giving yourself space to breathe, process and prepare will.

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