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I think the other side of it is that the press, myself included, are trying to build a narrative.

But it's less about how to classify music or tell people how to listen to music and more an argument with the music industry because women are so underrepresented."I think that's a valid point, and the playing field is not equal.

Lindsey Jordan: "As far as songwriting goes, I've been a guitar player for as long as I can remember.

I've been developing my style and constantly absorbing musical inspiration in order to figure out what my style is and what it means to me.

What am I even doing if I'm getting a pat on the back for how I identify rather than the work that I'm putting all of myself into?

If that makes it sound like Jordan is an overachiever, you should know she's been taking guitar lessons since she was 5.

One of her teachers and mentors is Mary Timony, who is indie rock royalty.

But it also doesn't feel quite as gendered, or about the female experience, as some albums."Something I am always going for is to write about experiences that I want to be writing about or time periods or events, but doing it by putting space between myself and the song so I don't feel like I'm forcing anyone to hear my side of the story.

I prefer writing about something because it impacted me and not necessarily writing it from the perspective of someone that is really close to it.

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I don't necessarily feel like I want a narrative attached to the work that I'm creating because I think it limits how people take in the work and puts you into a box.

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