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As in any city with millions of residents, crime is inevitable.When looking for a hotel, consult a travel agent and ask if the area is safe.While beautiful and a fun excursion for those who want an adventure, they can also be treacherous.More than a few tourists have fallen to their deaths in the caves. Even the most experienced, well-equipped spelunkers find the caves challenging, so don’t take any chances.Tourism is a very important part of the economy of São Paulo as well as of the preservation of its heritage resources. • New Basilica (Basílica Nova) and Old Basilica (Basílica Velha).

Then, some 22 years later, an official colonial expedition was arranged and the first colony established.In fact, it contributes over a third of Brazil’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product).It has a population of more than 41 million people and has a total area of 248 209.4 square kilometres, which is equivalent to 95 834 square miles.In 1822, Brazil gained independence, and had to overcome its political and economic struggles alone.São Paulo has continued to be a formidable force in the country’s rise to and coveted position within the global arena.

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