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The Sony Reader™ must be fully charged before installing this update.Failure to fully charge the Sony Reader™ before installing the firmware update may cause the Reader™ to be unresponsive or to require repair ERROR: "Please first quit Reader for PC and try again." is displayed.

Download the stand-alone firmware updater file (see below) from Sony's support site. Unzip this file using your favourite unzip utility: 6. The PRS-T1 should now install the update and automatically reboot once done.

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Now that Sony has closed down their ebook business in the United States and Canada, and have successfully transitioned most of their customers’ ebook libraries over to Kobo, they are wrapping up loose ends by issuing firmware updates to the last three generations of Sony ebook readers.

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The update is being pushed out now so all you have to do is connect your Sony Reader to a Wi Fi network to get a notification about the update.

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