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Another guy from the event comes over and starts speaking to me Him: "Hi, how's it going? I got a few contact details already and will get more by email." Him: "I don't think I'll get any. Stop all social networking, emailing, get some hobbies instead." Him: "But I like.." Me: "Trust me.I've never been speed dating before and I'm looking forward to meeting lots of people who I can get to know and invite out.I was planning to go to the Woodstock to get the regular meeting place going once and for all, but Baz phoned me this afternoon telling me he had a spare ticket and do I want to come along.I considered how the singles night on Friday 6th February was a success in that I ended up going on dates and making friends there, so this speed dating might be an opportunity to recruit people for the regular meeting place which I will be starting in future.I might also meet some ladies who could be my girlfriend.

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