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In the period January to November 2018 gardaí reported 500 detections for speeding through the 60 km/hr limit at the road-widening scheme.But from November 26th, when two Go Safe speed detection vans were installed on site, the numbers rose with more than 100 cases in the first day alone.Meanwhile, TII said “the contractor’s forecast completion date of end April/early May is considered optimistic by the [TII]site team”.TII also warned “the removal of traffic management and speed restrictions are likely to occur on an incremental basis from the end of April, but could extend into August”.Early during the transformation, it became clear that Telstra would not be able to ‘rip and replace’ all the existing operating systems that support its 300 enterprise products.Instead, the team decided to use the ODO as an umbrella orchestrator.Lupo adds that embracing digital technology isn’t the only important transformation happening within Telstra. “We have a technology enabler in the Naa S architecture, but this is really about the product managers and people in IT, network domain, network technologies and operations who will see the see the benefits – and, of course, our customers.” During the first phase of the transformation, which began in 2016 and is now complete, the IT team implemented the Amdocs Order Delivery Orchestrator (ODO) platform as a ‘fulfillment visibility layer’.

The roadworks have also contributed to some congestion in the courts.

Using ODO, Telstra and Amdocs are deciding jointly what the priorities should be for automation.

“We can’t automate everything all at once, so we are trying to identify the key pain points and then automate and expose them through this visibility layer,” Suk explains.

It was deployed on Amazon Web Services, which accelerated the process considerably – it took just five months to complete the visibility layer.

The next two steps of the transformation – automating order delivery and deploying Naa S – are happening now simultaneously.

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