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“How to Get and Keep the Love God Wants You to Have!Sabrina Paparella is a writer, content manager, and search strategist whose resume includes positions with Red Hen Press and Clique Brands Inc.She earned a master's degree in English language and literature from Claremont Graduate University.Not to point out the obvious, but every relationship shifts and develops over time. ”I don’t know, but I sure wished there was another way.Matt and Lisa offer deep encouragement, along with practical steps and true-life stories, as we grow in walking the faithful life together. Lisa is the happily-ever-after wife of Matt Jacobson and together they enjoy raising and home-educating their 8 children in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.This program discusses the different topics within the complexities of relationships providing insight and guidance to a better relationship. A Christian relationship podcast aimed to help those in the different stages of relationships.

Surprisingly, both women had similar ideas for what partners can expect as a relationship goes from casual dates to seriously coupled.

That’s what I told our family friend who was concerned that I wasn’t dating at the age of 26. I’d actually dated a fair bit and found the whole dating scene rather depressing. In His grace, Matt and Lisa Jacobson, authors of , are the hosts of a weekly podcast to talk about what it means to be a biblical Christian in marriage, parenting, church, and culture.

So while we certainly don’t know everything, here’s some dating advice we’re giving them…

A Christian relationship podcast aimed to help those in the different stages of relationships.

Whether you're searching, single, dating, courting, engaged, or married you may have experienced the difficulties involved in maintaining a lasting relationship.

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