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People would get together and split up as they would, on a starship -- their personal lives were their own.That they were using some alternate method to go about it shouldn't matter to him."It offends you.Picard tried to work out who it could be based on the word choice.But there were more than a thousand people aboard -- it could be anyone. He looked up and found that forty minutes had passed, as he sat there trying to pick apart the wording.

He exhaled and put both hands on his head -- what the hell was this woman doing?The idea of using a computer to match yourself with someone else." Her amusement wasn't like Will's; she seemed to also be sad, perhaps, or weary. "You're annoyed that the algorithm matched you to someone who is using it.Or perhaps she was reflecting his own feelings back at him. Did you tell them you didn't want to participate, then? "Whoever it is does not give up easily.""Have you figured out who it is yet? "Because it's what you always do, solve the mystery.When he approached his quarters he found himself facing the counselor in the corridor, as she was coming from the other direction.Her quarters were four doors distant from his."Good afternoon," he exclaimed.

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