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You’ll see a consistent message in my writing about life in general and dating specifically: be honest! Then you will be equipped to be honest with others.

The truth is I smile when I stumble upon the rare guy that acknowledges in his profile: “Welllll…yeah, I need a little crazy.”I’m not going to be his type and I quickly swipe left.

And who she is blowing off, rejecting, or friend-zoning.

And I say this as someone who has had abysmal luck at dating! Rather, I have found near-misses, nice guys who were better off as friends, nice guys who didn’t have time for a relationship, the guy who chose the crazy chick over me, confused dudes, just not my type dudes, not-ready-to-date-yet guys, and jerks.

Start with self-reflection, then consider approaching dating in a fresh way.

I will confess that I have been a jerk in the dating arena. And some are still my friends today (though I keep them at arm’s length).

That being the case, I don’t let that fact define me, and I’m confident — having learned my lesson — that those days are long gone. From a trained eye, it’s pretty easy to tell when someone is a jerk, which is why this question perplexes me.

As I’ve already written, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend going totally against type, but I would consider reaching out to (or responding to) someone who you are on the fence about.

Stretch yourself a bit to see if you can mesh with someone you would typically dismiss.

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