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Getting a picture of DS wearing the diaper is a little tricky but it fits him just like the other easyfits that we have. Over all I would say that I am happy with this diaper and the new features of it. I would love to see the snaps come in contrasting colors to the PUL that would be really fun.The new version also hold a lot of liquid and we haven't had any issues with leaking with it.

The new version has aplix and snaps that match the color of the PUL.

They are still super sticky and stay closed while washing.

And get this, there is still plenty of room for him to grow in it as he is only on the middle rise setting for snaps and the waist still has plenty of room to open up. So you might be wondering why I love the easyfits so much. The have the best aplix (velcro) I have ever used on a cloth diaper.

We did go through a heavy wetting phase where DS was peeing though the easyfits but I was able to solve that problem with an extra hemp insert shoved in the pocket and BOOM! So enough about why I love easyfits and onto something quite exciting.

You can find my last easyfit post here where I introduced something big and exciting that was happening with the easyfit diaper: A new and exciting look to the easyfit diaper as well as awesome new prints with a fun fairy tale theme.

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Shortly after Totsbots made the announcement I was contacted by Bummis (the North American distributor of the easyfits) to see if I would like to review one of the new easyfits... I was so excited (you can ask the other contributors and my family, they will tell you how excited I was). Now I am going to focus on the major changes of this diaper.

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