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He called the four temperaments: Artisan (SP), Guardian (SJ), Idealist (NF), and Rational (NT).

(The letters represent the preferences based on the work of Jung and Myers: S-Sensing, Ni Ntuiting, T-Thinking, F-Feeling, J-Judging and P-Perceiving.) One of his students, Linda Berens, developed a program called the Self-Discovery Process® to help people determine their own temperaments.

Individualistic by nature, Rationals observe their own interests as a response to action, free from societal conformity or traditional thinking.

In a given day we are likely to be able to identify times when we have used all four temperaments.In their professional and social lives, Rationals are visionary leaders, developing and consolidating coherent long-term plans.The informative Rationals (Architects and Logicians) prefer theorizing, designing, and prototyping their ideas, which may cause them to feel overburdened when called upon to finalize their ideas into practical operation by themselves.They weigh logical outcomes before acting, looking for errors in reasoning—in themselves and others.Some believe that ethical concepts like good and evil are relative, depending on particular points of view. They achieve this state through an intense concentration of effort rather than through emotional detachment. They are knowledge-seekers who aspire to technical superiority, and so are pleased when others defer to their expertise.

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This can result in feelings of inadequacy, which can lead to poor or no execution.

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