Temporary protective order dating violence

Advocates at the VIP Center are here to help you navigate these options and answer any questions you may have about the process.Additionally, the VIP Center can help you to obtain a campus No Contact Order (NCO), which comes from the university directly and does not require court involvement.You can register for VINE PO (Victim Information Notification Everyday – Protective Order) [link to VINE page] by phone at 1-877-687-6818 or online at You will receive a phone call or email to let you know the respondent has received the court paperwork and when you should come to court.Protective orders are available 24 hours per day, every day! You will be asked to fill out a form called a petition—someone will be available to assist you if you need help.This is where you will explain what happened and what your relationship is to the respondent (if any).

You can contact your local domestic violence program [link to member programs page] to speak to an advocate about safety planning.They will have you fill out a form stating your request and put your case back before the judge.You can also do this before your order expires, if you want to try to get it extended.You will be told when to come to court for your hearing, and law enforcement officers will try to serve the appropriate paperwork on the abuser.Yes - IF the judge gives you an Emergency Protective Order or Temporary Interpersonal Protective Order.

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If you are experiencing domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault or stalking, a judge can order the person who has abused you to: -Have no contact with you, your children, or others who might need protection, either in person, by phone, text, email, social media, or through friends or family -Stay away from your home, school, workplace, or other places you may likely be -Stop abusing, threatening, stalking, or assaulting you -Leave a shared home If you have children in common, the court may give you temporary custody and set up a visitation schedule, or order child support.

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