Thai online dating scams

Advice #2 To Finding A Thai Bride Online: Another crafty and catastrophic trick targeted at innocent love seekers is the notorious phone scam.After speaking to a ‘nice’ lady online, she asks the man to call her on the phone.

Although the sites themselves may not be corrupt, scammers intoxicate them and use false identities to lure men to send them money.

Once the number is dialed (usually a 1900 number), he is billed thousands of dollars!

Advice #3 To Finding A Thai Bride Online: Other free sites use the temptation of a ‘free’ product to lure members who in reality end up working huge debts on their ‘credit systems’.

If I haven’t convinced you enough to be safe and avoid the online STD’s, then I will leave you with a story of a friend of my husband’s.

He had been alone for many years after his divorce and was looking for a companion to make him feel himself again. After months of chatting and what he thought was a real connection he invited her to come see him in Sydney.

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