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Immediately, the others pulled him down and beat him up.

After several beatings, the new monkey learned never to go up the ladder, even though there was no evident reason not to, aside from the beatings.

It is part of A group of scientists placed five monkeys in a cage, and in the middle, a ladder with bananas on top.

Every time a monkey went up the ladder, the scientists soaked the rest of the monkeys with cold water.

He's trying to fit something human and emotional into something logical and scientific (or at least something that, on outward appearances, seems to be logical and scientific.

Question: Can you think of a situation that you have been part of, one where there is an unwritten rule that almost everyone complies with, and nobody really knows why?

'The ladder theory is a funny, scientific explanation of how men and women are attracted to each other.

It also covers such topics as why women sometimes just want to be friends but men always want sex.

It is based upon many years of sociological field testing, and was first conceptualized in 1994 in Exeter, CA by Dallas Lynn with acknowledgements to Jared Whitson for his role in formalizing the theory.' "A woman's test is material.

A man's test is a woman..a man could **** in a cardboard box, he wouldn't buy a house." - Rabbi Dave Chappelle. When Harry Met Sally was funny, but on the second page when the author started talking about ******* and whores, I just skimmed a little and then stopped.

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