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"But I think that's entirely a product of my own mind.His unrelenting social media presence has just made it hard to forget about him." The most fucked-up thing about haunting is that only the ghosts get to communicate — the living can't reach the dead in life or in dating.They'd been out twice, there wasn't a ~love connection~, and Kate ended it by neglecting to reply to a vague text from Becca.The two had followed each other on Instagram on the second (and final) date, and Becca stopped liking Kate's photos once text communication was cut off — but she was still often the first to view her Snap and Instagram stories. "It felt fairly deliberate to me, her viewing the story was like a little, 'Hi, I still exist! "You can't text them again after ghosting, because it could string them along or open that can of worms you wanted shut in the first place," she said."Unless [the haunting] makes you realize which I definitely think is the goal of the hauntee — or is it haunter?" She eventually just unfollowed Becca, and Becca quickly unfollowed her back. A haunt is even more brutal if the ghost is someone more serious — like a serious ex.Sarah, 25, dated Drew* for about 10 months, during which time she fell in love with him.They never had an actual breakup conversation, but things de facto ended almost a year ago when he moved across the country to take a teaching job.

Thoroughly spooked, I asked my friend, "What does he want, what does this mean!?? The only clear thing was that I was being haunted by a dude whose number I'd never even saved to my phone.

Dating trends can be messy and complicated, not to mention hurtful.

Sometimes the “tips” and “tricks” you follow can end up being a disaster, making you put in too much effort for something that shouldn’t be so damn hard.

The ghost was caught in my Instagram attic and I had no clue how to set him free.

Ghosting has been a part of the modern dating lexicon for years. To define this horrifying phenomenon, haunting is when someone from your romantic past lingers in your digital present by occasionally watching your Instagram or Snapchat story, or sporadically liking your posts.

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