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It’s really cool because there is no rejection and it’s the quickest way to meet a lot of people in your community without having to do the internet dating thing – looking up pictures and going on bad blind dates – there’s no long term commitment and it’s a lot of fun.I was a hair dresser and then a wedding consultant for my father’s catering business.// Text UILabel *title =

People were always asking my opinion on matters of the heart, so I was giving advice even back then; I could tell when people shouldn’t be getting married.Then I was asked by a friend to be a guest speaker in a Learning Annex class for men about meeting women. So I said to them, “Why don’t we talk after the class?” Well, after class the men asked me so many questions that my friend got jealous.(For more info about professionals who contribute to the business of love and their salary range, check out this Dr. I am a dating consultant, President of Rapid Dating and the author of Love Mechanics.I do personal dating consulting and give dating ideas and advice for women and men; including makeover services, wardrobe tune-ups and love nest tune-ups.

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