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For simple tracking, the Motosafety might be all that you need.

In addition to the options above, it lets you set a separate top speed for highway and secondary roads as well as set the hours of use.

No registration needed and there are no limits on how long you can watch!

Moving up to the 0 Mastrack or 0 Mobi Co Pilot gets you some other handy extras.

Mobi Co Pilot also lets you set the hours of operation, and Mastrack shows the vehicle identification number, so you can tell if the teen tries to, well, do a switcheroo.

Of course, before using any of these devices, be sure to explore the privacy practices of the companies.

Being able to find a car on an online map, get a geo-fence notification, or know when a car arrives at or leaves a location can be especially valuable if the parent has health concerns or car trouble, or if he’s missing.

Similarly, if a baby sitter or nanny is shuttling your children around, a tracker can keep tabs on their whereabouts and give you an early warning of any trouble.

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