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That being said, there are 2 or 3 race prepped YZ450F supermotos sitting quietly in a certain Florida garage as we speak I thought Top 6 from the AMA Pro Series were getting invites? Fast50/ Bell Helmets / Supermoto USA / Drew Paints / 4/ / GPR / Advanced Metal Finishing & Power Coating / Hardcore Paint / the invited riders for x-games Moto X Best Trick Athlete Name Country Kyle Loza USA Scott Murray USA Charles Pages FRA Travis Pastrana USA Moto X Best Whip Athlete Name Country Josh Grant USA Todd Potter USA Ronnie Renner USA Myles Richomond USA Moto X Freestyle Athlete Name Country Nate Adams USA Adam Jones USA Robbie Maddison AUS Mike Mason USA Thomas Pages FRA Travis Pastrana USA Mat Rebeaud SUI Jeremy Stenberg USA Andre Villa NOR Blake Williams AUS Moto X Step Up Athlete Name Country Matt Buyten USA Ronnie Renner USA Moto X Super X- Men Athlete Name Country Mike Alessi USA Matt Boni USA Justin Brayton USA Josh Hansen USA Broc Hepler USA Josh Hill USA Jason Lawrence USA Jeremy Mc Grath USA Ryan Morais USA Travis Pastrana USA Chad Reed AUS James Stewart USA Kevin Windham USA Moto X Super X- Women Athlete Name Country Sherri Cruse BEL Ashley Fiolek BRA Vanessa Florentino USA Tarah Geiger PRI Steffi Laier USA Jessica Patterson USA Jen Price USA Tatum Sik USA Jolene Van Vugt USA April Zastrow USA Moto X Super X Adaptive Athlete Name Country Ricky James USA Chris Ridgway USA Mike Schultz USA Jim Wazny USA Supermoto Athlete Name Country Mark Burkhart USA Adrien Chareyre USA Ivan Lazzarini ITA Travis Pastrana USA Jr Schnabel USA Jeff Ward USA There's quite a bit of contrary information going around and unfortunately I wasn't able to get a concrete answer today.

In a continued effort to expand the X Games franchise globally, the first five minutes of X Games 14 aired live simultaneously on ESPN in the U. and across 12 ESPN International networks around the globe reaching 125 countries. lil girl cant even show up to the breaker bump races... that would be AMAZING to see an RC bub rub battle royal on supermoto.... i want to see it i just don't think its gonna happen. As I saw "Bubba" nearly highside 3 times, and was keeping pace with Atkins and Currie, I wouldn't say that he was holding back, or just "having some fun". i guess he has nothing to lose for the next six months.... They might pick the 7th place rider in the 450 class because there is a tie in points - The 3rd place riders in the AMA series, 250 and 450 might be picked as alternates. I'd like to get in on this bet as well, I happened to be out at Super Moto practice today and it happened that "retired" Super Moto Champion Darryl Atkins on his Aprillia SXV, 2007 AMA Super Moto Lites Champion Brandon Currie on his Yamaha aaaaannnnd one James "Bubba" Stewart AMA Supercross Champion (on a race prepp'd and very official looking San Manuel Yamaha Super Moto bike) were all there turning some very fast laps.WHO: More than 200 of the best action sports athletes including motocross champion, James Stewart.It was announced in a press conference today that Stewart has signed on with Team San Manuel and, in addition, will compete in ESPN’s X Games 15 in July and the Moto X World Championships in the spring.

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just because stewart might want to, doesn't mean its gonna happen.. the team he rides for ONLY pays him for supercross appearances. ill bet you a hundred bucks james stewart doesn't race supermoto at xgames.. hell i would pay a hundred just to see the sport get the exposure and watch him race supermoto so put your money up now like james said. ill bet you a hundred bucks james stewart doesn't race supermoto at xgames.. hell i would pay a hundred just to see the sport get the exposure and watch him race supermoto so put your money up now like james said. I just got off the phone with Eldan Baker, James trainer. James is going to Cali to check out the SM bike next week and see if he likes it. He asked Eldan about it and Eldan said not to ride. Look at Nicky, Eldan advised against it and Nicky Got hurt at the X games last year and it hasn't turned out so well for Nicky. If it is a way of training or it will help in his quest for another title, do it.

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