Twitterfeed not updating facebook

This will return the code up to the point at which a failure occurs. For the purposes of Twitterfeed, the best, and default, is bitly.

Unless you have a particular favorite and good reason I suggest you stick with bitly, for the good reason that Twitterfeed will only show you statistics and analysis of feed performance if you use bitly - good enough reason?

some of my contacts are no longer updating posts from facebook in the people hub.

i noticed this after linking a contact to their new live id, however at least one facebook only contact is not updating either!

I also suggest, although I do not think it is necessary to use it here on Twitterfeed, that you sign up for the bitly URL shortening service.

It has other advantages - but that is for a future article.

Twitterfeed is indeed a powerful tool for any promotional activity. I do not suggest that your only interaction with your faithful, and soon to be increasing, readership should be via an automatic piece of software.

All you need is an RSS feed and an account with Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Hellotxt or Statusnet (or better still all five), and within minutes updates to your status will be winging their way to your accounts. But utilising Twitterfeed to schedule postings of your growing portfolio of goodies, outside of your working hours, and at a time most of your followers are on social media, seems to me to be a great way to keep those followers involved with your brand. Interact with your following as you would with any customer.

I have tried deleting the contact from my phone and windows live contacts, defriending them, resyncing.

Finally, in this section, we come to 'bitly settings'.

Only click on this if you have an account set up at bitly and can enter an 'API Login' and an 'API Key' - otherwise forget it.

Before I start I have a warning and an apology for you.

Warning: This information, if used judiciously, could seriously increase your wealth. The first words on the right hand side, at the top, are sign-up.

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Apology: This article has grown to become somewhat longer than I had anticipated. Click that, and you will end up on the 'create account' screen (as below).

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