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Jordan and Ty started saying that, to paraphrase, women who came out about sexual assault sometimes regretted their past sexual encounters.

Eventually, I asked Jordan to not talk about the women from Bumble anymore or if he could focus on something other than their physical appearance if he was going to continue to describe these women out loud.I had had alarm bells going off in my head and that interaction only confirmed my suspicions that Jordan was, in the least, “problematic.”The next morning, Jenn, Jordan and me picked up the keys to the Airbnb that was going to house journalists coming to New York from all over the country for this Summit, in front of a nearby coffee shop.The person with the keys passed off the keys to Jenn because Jordan was too busy lusting after the female barista standing at the cash register in view of the small coffee shop window.During my stay in New York, I realized that Jordan had a lot of ‘personality quirks’ right away.One of my initial observations I made was that he constantly projected his feelings onto other people.

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