Updating 2 tables break up dating too soon

See my code: Bar Controller The problem here is that I am getting an empty Address Id with this setup, which is causing an exception when the Save action gets run.This is because the Bar Form view is getting passed a View Model which has been mapped from a Bar object and the Bar domain model actually has no Address information in it, since it is not the Address model/table.

Let's try it out Msg 4405, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 View or function 'cte' is not updatable because the modification affects multiple base tables.

The WHERE clause specifies which record(s) that should be updated.

Cross table update (also known as correlated update, or multiple table update) in Oracle uses non-standard SQL syntax format (non ANSI standard) to update rows in another table. Update data in table A based on two or more common columns in table B.

How do you update/edit several tables/domain models with one form using one viewmodel properly? I'm not sure if my models are just screwed up to begin with, my viewmodel is off, or what...

But as it is right now, I'm getting an error saying that how I have it set up, the Address Id is not getting through properly.

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The differences in syntax are quite dramatic compared to other database systems like MS SQL Server or My SQL. Updates based on two or more common columns are normally used for tables where multiple columns work together as a primary key (known as composite primary key).

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