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Remove DOS CD/DVD disk from drive, remove the USB drive, allow Windows to boot on the computer then format the USB flash drive to a FAT 16/32 file system.

Re-copy the flashing utility and the BIOS you are flashing too.

If you got an A: prompt, type in C: then hit enter. Now make sure your USB flash drive was plugged in prior to booting into DOS.

If not you will have to turn off computer then insert the USB flash drive, then reboot computer. You should see what is on the USB flash drive, or C: I made two separate folders on my C: drive.

I always do a force flash on my video cards, whether it is the same BIOS, modded BIOS of the same one, or a completely different BIOS.Like always I or Bjorn3is not responsible for your actions regarding flashing the VGA BIOS. The codes or commands I will be using are: Backing up the BIOS:: -s 0 C:atiflash -s 0 Since I am using a USB flash drive and it is on a FAT 16/32 file system and my HDD’s are using a NTFS file system DOS only recognizes the USB flash drive as a HDD. The -s switch is telling Atiflash to save the BIOS to our HDD (USB flash drive). If you are using multiple video cards, and you want to flash or back up each one, you just change the 0 to the next corresponding VGA card. I have 2 5870’s one is in PCI-E 1, the second is in my second PCI-E port, the first video card uses the 0, the second uses a 1 switch. Also that your DOS CD/DVD disc is in the CD/DVD drive. (Reminder You cannot use a Blue Ray drive, DOS does not recognize this type of drive)Then we will see an A: prompt.Any time you are flashing a VGA card, make sure you uninstall all drivers and overclocking utilities prior to flashing. As always once I boot off the CD/DVD DOS boot-able disk I am greeted with what do I wish to do. Oops, I must have turned on the floppy support in the BIOS of my motherboard, it should read C:.Another area I make sure that I don’t do is flash the video card with in the Window’s GUI.I flash the video card(s) BIOS inside of DOS mode, and yes you can still load into a Windows 98/ME DOS mode on today’s current hardware.

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