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OBJECT_VALUE AS "p" COLUMNS reference VARCHAR2(28) PATH 'Reference', lineitem XMLType PATH 'Line Items/Line Item') t, XMLTable('$l/Line Item' PASSING t.lineitem AS "l" COLUMNS lineno NUMBER(10) PATH '@Item Number', description VARCHAR2(128) PATH 'Description') li WHERE t.reference = 'DAUSTIN-20021009123335811PDT' AND ROWNUM .

That is, you can just use a literal XQuery string here, instead of passing a literal string from SQL to XQuery.

In particular, you can use XDK and XQJ to access XML data in Oracle XML DB.

OBJECT_VALUE COLUMNS reference VARCHAR2(28) PATH 'Reference', lineitem XMLType PATH 'Line Items/Line Item') t, XMLTable('Line Item' PASSING t.lineitem COLUMNS lineno NUMBER(10) PATH '@Item Number', upc VARCHAR2(14) PATH 'Part/@Id', description VARCHAR2(128) PATH 'Description', quantity NUMBER(10) PATH 'Part/@Quantity', unitprice NUMBER(12,2) PATH 'Part/@Unit Price') li WHERE t.reference = 'EABEL-20021009123336251PDT'; SELECT reference, userid, shiptoname, specialinstructions FROM purchaseorder_table; REFERENCE USERID SHIPTONAME SPECIALINSTRUCTIONS -------------------------------- -------- ------------------------------------------------ ------------------- EABEL-20021009123336251PDT EABEL Ellen S.

OBJECT_VALUE COLUMNS reference VARCHAR2(28) PATH 'Reference', requestor VARCHAR2(48) PATH 'Requestor', actions XMLType PATH 'Actions', userid VARCHAR2(32) PATH 'User', costcenter VARCHAR2(3) PATH 'Cost Center', shiptoname VARCHAR2(48) PATH 'Shipping Instructions/name', address VARCHAR2(512) PATH 'Shipping Instructions/address', phone VARCHAR2(32) PATH 'Shipping Instructions/telephone', rejectedby VARCHAR2(32) PATH 'Reject/User', daterejected DATE PATH 'Reject/Date', comments VARCHAR2(2048) PATH 'Reject/Comments', specialinstructions VARCHAR2(2048) PATH 'Special Instructions') t WHERE t.reference = 'EABEL-20021009123336251PDT'; INSERT INTO purchaseorder_lineitem (reference, lineno, upc, description, quantity, unitprice) SELECT t.reference, li.lineno, li.upc, li.description, li.quantity, li.unitprice FROM purchaseorder p, XMLTable('/Purchase Order' PASSING p.

OBJECT_VALUE AS "p") THEN 'Rejected' ELSE 'Accepted' END "STATUS", XMLCast(XMLQuery('$p//Date' PASSING po.

OBJECT_VALUE AS "p" RETURNING CONTENT) AS VARCHAR2(30)) userid, CASE WHEN XMLExists('$p/Purchase Order/Reject/Date' PASSING po.

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These purchase orders are grouped by customer and counted.

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