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If you turn it on, all of your i Cal calendars sync to both and your i Phone.

With i Tunes syncing, you could — and still can — pick and choose which calendars to sync.

But, alas, I haven’t been able to figure out a way to do this — it doesn’t seem like events in subscribed-to calendars can trigger alarms in i Cal.

I, for one, am not a frequent i Tunes syncer, so my desktop and i Phone calendars frequently were, well, out of sync.

New events created on the i Phone can be assigned to any writable calendar, and each calendar gets it own unique color.

But, inexplicably, the colors assigned to the calendars on your i Phone do not correspond to the colors you’ve chosen for those same calendars in i Cal, and there’s no apparent way to change the colors of calendars on the i Phone.

With Mobile Me, contact syncing, as with calendars, is all or nothing. Much has been made over the fact that i Tunes long ago outgrew its name, but the role it plays is central to the success of both Apple’s digital media and handheld device businesses.

No, syncing calendars and contacts and email accounts to an i Phone doesn’t have anything to do with “tunes”.

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I think on-by-default would be fine, but somehow you should be able to create a calendar in i Cal that doesn’t sync to Mobile Me.

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