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https://com/en-us/help/origin/origin/how-to-reset-origin-on-mac/ If that doesn't work, try pulling your entire TS4 game folder out of Documents and onto your desktop.

When you launch the game again, a clean folder will spawn with no contant.

however the game is still grey and will not let me open it up.

I've closed and re-opened origin, as well as fully restarting my Mac but nothing has changed. @Ohhlivia N94 When you did the "super repair" (moving the app to the trash and redownloading), did TS4 download again? There are a couple of issues related to operating systems that have surfaced recently.

I’ve tested below some errors I came across during the update and how to fix them.

This error for me was thrown because of: in the example above).

We also have 3 firmware update videos at the bottom.For example, the output for the below would be an object with the location of the file modified and event (e.g.Just a small reminder, if you are upgrading to Gulp 4 and have a shared project, the other developers will need to upgrade also. exited with error code: 128Having a whole section of this say "It's not that hard" is incredibly unnecessary and demeaning.Thank you I had the most trouble understading the watcher function; I ended up doing this, which worked well: gulp.task('watch', function() ); Thanks Shunfan - great to hear it helped. FYI If you get an error like: "Type Error: Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined" Run 'npm install --global gulp-cli' and try again. Rick, it sounds like you don't have correct SSH access set up for Github?

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Also, there are some important tips on what to do if the Phantom 4 firmware upgrade fails during the update process.

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