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Make sure your home is structurally sound, leak proof, and reliable before you put your money toward a shower update.

To prevent mold and mildew, we installed a Broan motion sensing vent fan with light. David England: The ceiling that we had painted with Kilz is much more difficult to scrape off than the other one. And here I was thinking I was being the pro, and Allen was slacking. Allen Lyle: This is why you wear eye protection, mouth protection, nose protection. Another thing that it has, it has the Ever Clean surface inside the toilet bowl. So these are just nice features that come already compact in this one toilet to give you everything that you would ever need. Danny Lipford: Allen’s using a grout-scoring tool, to scrape out the grout before chiseling out the old tile, so that they can be replaced with new ones. Preparation is the key to success with these refinishing kits. And since we added a ventilation fan, the problems with mold should be a thing of the past.Tiffany England: You know I just kind of got as far as I could go, and it’s just time to bring it all the way through to completion. Danny Lipford: That something else is a formula, Tiffany and I are mixing up in the kitchen. That will ensure that we remove the moisture in this room that’s causing all of the mold. Allen Lyle: It helps if your mind’s warped like mine. If you follow the directions carefully, and don’t cut any corners. Now, back at David and Tiffany’s, it’s time for the last few finishing touches. We’re upgrading the trim on the plumbing fixtures in the bath tub to polished nickel to cap off the makeover. The shower door started the whole process and with it gone, we had the opportunity to add those black accent tiles to cover the mounting holes.Danny Lipford: This house was built in 1979, and David and Tiffany England live here with their two teenage children, Zachary and Erin. And then we’re going to saturate it with something else. Tiffany England: So just fabric softener is what you use. While Wayne takes care of the fan, I’m smoothing out the dry wall to get it ready for paint. Because you have to think upside down and backwards. Allen Lyle: Just watch, he’ll come in and say something smart. When you do this, it’s important to know the manufacturer of the fixture, so you can get the trim that fits with what you have. The plan worked perfectly and turned a liability into an asset. David England: I was shocked at the difference that replacing a few tiles here or there made in the bathroom, without replacing the whole thing, it really gave it a new look.I was, paralyzed in a motorcycle accident about 20 years ago, I was right-handed at the time, and had to learn to do everything left-handed. Tiffany England: I recently re-did the bedroom and painted… Brought in a new counter top, painted the cabinets. Danny Lipford: And then we can put some decorative accent pieces in. Danny Lipford: And you didn’t want to take all those shoes out of there. My shoes are all squished over into the corner to make room for all of her shoes. Danny Lipford: I’ve got all the information I need. Shannon Loeffler: I know, I always start a project when I come to the Englands. You know, every week I talk about how much fun we have working with homeowners doing projects on their homes, I tell you what, this week was no different at all.And you know, I just kind of got as far as I could go. We’ll make a few orders here, and really probably about a week. Danny Lipford: Back in the bathroom, the ceilings are done. Tiffany and David worked so hard on their home and even with the physical limitations that David has, he is fearless.

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But rather than buy all new door hinges, I simply removed the hinges from the door jamb, and I’m going to use a bench grinder and a wire wheel to buff off the brass finish. So I always know that there’s a project due when I come to visit. Then those seams are covered with thin-set adhesive.

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