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For example Hi guys, I had a problem before which is similar to the problem im about to describe, however Pikachu helped me solve the last problem so a big thanks to him!

However this problem is slightly different and im struggling to find a solution.

For a group of checkboxes, use an array of values to generate the checkboxes.

For a single checkbox, ensure that if a value is supplied, it's the correct one.

If a value isn't supplied for the checkbox, then the box wasn't checked.

I found this example that looks good but struggling to find a way to do this across multiple questions. I recommend you check out our Build an Interactive Website course if you haven't already.

Also be good to find away for the users data to be saved if they have an errorr. Andrew Chalkley walks through forum validation within the first few stages.

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Recipe 9.2 for information about validating required fields; documentation on array_intersect( ) at

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