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We can now start to build out the body of the message. One thing to note is that a hash table is a single Power Shell object.

In order to do some manipulation, such as applying the style sheet, I had to use the getenumerator() method. The second part of the body for the message will be the current status of each cluster.

Similar to the hash table, we have to get each object out of the array that we created.

We do this by piping the list into a For Each-Object cmdlet.

When the cluster service starts, and a node either Forms or Joins a cluster, NETFT, along with other components, is responsible for determining the node’s network configuration and connectivity with other nodes in the cluster.

One of the first actions is establishing connectivity with the Microsoft Failover Cluster Virtual Adapter on all nodes in the cluster.

This goal can be achieved provided at least one alternate physical path is available.

In other words, a network component failure (NIC, router, switch, hub, etc…) should not cause inter-node cluster communications to break down, and communication should continue making progress in a timely manner (i.e.

The NETFT driver transfers packets (cluster communications) on the virtual adapter by tunneling through the best available route in its internal routing table (Figure 5).The sections that follow discuss Windows Server 2008 Failover Clustering networking features, functionality and recommended processes for the proper configuration and implementation of network connectivity within a cluster.Windows Server 2008 Failover Clustering introduces new networking capabilities that are a major shift away from the way things have been done in legacy clusters (Windows 200003 and NT 4.0).The Windows Server 2008 Failover Clustering feature provides high availability for services and applications.To ensure applications and services remain highly available, it is imperative the cluster service running on each node in the cluster function at the highest level possible.

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Without the automated validation, the on-call person still had to VPN into the environment and manually check the status of each cluster.

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