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This option is useful when loading an untrusted schema, perhaps from a remote site using an The value is the name of a user-supplied class that implements the interface

Initializer; this initializer will be called during the initialization process, and may be used to set any options required on the Configuration programmatically. The value is an integer in the range 0 (no optimization) to 10 (full optimization); currently all values other than 0 result in full optimization but this is likely to change in future.

Note that any external DTD is likely to be read even if not used for validation, because DTDs can contain definitions of entities.

Makes a copy of the compiled schema (providing it is valid) as a schema component model to the specified XML file.

Selecting selects a parser configured to use the Apache entity resolver, so that DTD and other external references in source documents are resolved via a catalog.

The parser (part of the Apache Commons project) must be on the classpath.

A filename can be specified as "" to read the source document from standard input, in which case the base URI is taken from that of the current directory.

This option switches on the capture of validation reporting.

Here filename specifies where the validation report should be written to on disk. The format of the validation report is defined in a schema which is available in the Supplies a list of source documents to be validated. The value is a list of filenames separated by semicolons.

If set to 1.1, allows XML 1.1 and XML Namespaces 1.1 constructs.

This option must be set if source documents using XML 1.1 are to be validated, or if the schema itself is an XML 1.1 document.

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This file will contain schema components corresponding to all the loaded schema documents.

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