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First we will try to enable VTP version 3 on one of our switches: SW1#show vtp devices Retrieving information from the VTP domain. VTP Feature Conf Revision Primary Server Device ID Device Description ------------ ---- -------- -------------- -------------- ---------------------- VLAN No 6 0019.569d.5700 0011.214e.d180 SW3 VLAN No 6 0019.569d.5700 0011.bb0b.3600 SW2 You can run this command on any of your switches, it will show all VTP members (not just the directly connected ones like CDP does).

VTP is a Cisco-proprietary protocol that is available on most of the Cisco Catalyst Family products.If its own configuration revision is higher or equal, the packet is ignored. When you add, delete, or change a VLAN in a switch, the server switch where the changes were made increments the configuration revision and issues a summary advertisement, followed by one or several subset advertisements.A subset advertisement contains a list of VLAN information.This is suitable for small-scale networks where the size of the VLAN information is small and easily stored in all switches (in NVRAM).In a large network, a judgment call must be made at some point when the NVRAM storage needed is wasted, because it is duplicated on every switch.

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We don’t expect to see them on SW2 because it is in transparent mode, but SW2 should pass them on to SW3. So, the only thing we changed was to make the VTP domain name to match on SW2, which remained in VTP transparent mode.

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