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Language level: Intermediate (B1) – Upper Intermediate (B2) Learner type: Teens and adults Time: 90 minutes Activity: Talking about meeting a partner and dating, watching a short film, reading and discussing questions Topic: Speed-dating Language: Questions and vocabulary related to dating Materials: Short film and speed-dating questions Downloadable materials: speed dating lesson instructions speed dating questions The School for Training is a small specialist teacher training institute in Barcelona, providing innovative courses of the highest quality for teachers from around the world.

The school was founded and is run by Kieran Donaghy who has extensive experience of designing and delivering courses for teachers.

The first date I had with my wife was at the movies and I made a terrible choice: Martin Scorsese's epic gangster film Goodfellas. For adults, movies are the worst first date possible. Two hours of awkwardly sitting next to someone and then you come out and you still don't even know anything about them! What's the best kind of movie to watch on a first date?

I had already seen it, and today it remains in my top 10 all-time favourite films. Have you had any good first-date movie experiences? It's gotta be something explosive and fun and dumb — a popcorn blockbuster at the least, a long-running stupid action franchise at best. You've gotta be able to laugh and have no awkward silences or weird emotional moments. Watching a man jump from a helicopter into a flaming crocodile is non-confrontational!

Chat client Meebo is teaming up with – video speed dating site Speed Date to offer online dating through their social platform.

To promo the partnership and rouse up some online attention, they duo invited several tech bloggers and writers to participate in a round of video dates.

Tell them that there are 24 of the most popular speed-dating questions.

Maybe a romantic comedy to ease the tension and offer a reminder of how great love is?

As a lesbian, anything with WLW [women who love women] themes. Has an unlikely date film ever worked to your advantage?

Best friends Dog (Chico Benymon) and Beaver (Leonard Robinson) have difficulty ever meeting women.

I think avoid all of the above, especially being 17.

Any first-date movie stories you want to share, Richard?

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Step 5 Get feedback from the whole class on their dream and nightmare dates.

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