What to expect when dating a farmer

You need to be ready to wake up earlier than normal to help him prepare during planting and harvesting seasons. So never try to turn him off by complaining of how long he keeps in the farm or how dirty his working gears are.

You may not be used to farm cooked food like roasted potatoes, hurriedly cook beans or anything that is on his menu at the time. Unless you are allergic to the food, enjoy it with him.

You may be new to farming and equipment used on the farm.

But your farmer partner would want to share his happiness and down moments on the farm with you. Be happy for him if he tells you about new equipment he purchased and show some empathy when he tells you about parasite infestations on the farm.

Without our hardworking farmers, man would have starved to death.

But thank God for giving humankind the likes of farmers who make the world a better place to live.

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For your information, farm cooked foods are very healthy.

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