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It’s actually harder to make an impact online in many ways that in real life.Take the time to talk about what makes you the perfect catch. so make sure your profile is honest and portrays you accurately.But once you meet someone, a new issue can arise: disappointment. If you don’t want to be disappointed, TALK to your guy (or girl.) Telling someone what you want and need, i.e. In other words, what women want in dating often turns out to be very different than what we actually receive. communication, instead of saying nothing and feeling disappointed, or perhaps sad, angry, bitter or resentful is really smart and honest, and lots of times you end up being shocked that the person really had no clue!

Women who are older than their partner also report that they are happy and fulfilled by their relationship compared with fewer women who date people their own age. That could be one reason that women want to date younger men so that they feel they are an equal partner as opposed to being dominated in the relationship by an older male.

These qualities are particularly important to women.

Make sure there is something on there to spark an interest and attract attention.

Let’s face it; women have it easy on dating sites with an average of 1 woman to every 5 men online.

They have the pick of their bunch and receive many emails daily primarily from men older than them.

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