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The software vendor endorses the product of the revenue share partner.

It is typically paid as a flat dollar amount or deducted as a percentage of plan assets.

Fees that fall into this category often cover plan-level expenses, such as recordkeeping, administration, or advisory services.

(Each provider may operate differently, so be sure to check with your provider for information specific to your plan.)Service Provider Compensation In general, plan fees cover expenses resulting from services provided in four primary areas: These fees may be categorized as direct compensation, indirect compensation, or both.

Direct compensation: As its name implies, this type of compensation represents direct payments from the plan or plan sponsor to a provider for specific services rendered.

Revenue share makes sense if the product offerings of the partner and software vendor are not competitive, but complementing.

Advantages of Revenue share are: software vendor participates in revenue that is generated by other companies, limited cost for software vendor for endorsing other vendor since cost of sales stays with the revenue share partner.

Although these rules will ultimately benefit retirement plans and participants, they place increased pressure on plan fiduciaries to interpret and evaluate the appropriateness of service provider compensation – a task many fiduciaries aren’t prepared to undertake.

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Revenue sharing components are highlighted in red in the chart below.

In this model, all revenue sharing is passed through the fund to the plan’s service providers.

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