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I see that a difficulty in dating that men don't often have to deal with.

From that point, when it comes to dating or a relationship I’ve witnessed a lot more males having a reluctance to settle down, and this can often lead to the female having to do the impressing and wooing to get past the initial dating stage.

What has seemingly not been brought up: is it harder for a girl to know she is attractive enough?

on some levels, i can see the argument - how would a girl know if her boobs are big enough (or face pretty enough or etc) to grab attention of the guys?

We agree that this is mostly because men are not taught that their sexuality is wrong nearly as much as women, therefore they're less perverse to flirting.

I would still say that the average single guy (18-30, decently fit, etc) has a harder time finding a date than the average single woman with the same conditions.However, if both are unattractive, the guy will have more options to become attractive than the girl.There is pretty much no argument that it is easier for a girl to get laid under all new viewpoints: 1.) girls have more risk involved in dating, or at least more perceived risk.A argument came that there is no possible way for men/women to have a harder/easier time finding significant dates if you exclude homosexual relationships, since if you compare the numbers it will by definition be equal.Some debate is still over what is harder: sorting through a number of guys or trying to convince her you are worth it.4.) guys have more control since they are more able to ask a girl versus having social pressure to not ask a guy.

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