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Christine Centenera is one of my favorite fashion editors, working for Vogue Australia.Her CV is as impressive as her wardrobe: the former fashion editor of Harpers Bazaar Australia, fashion consultant, stylist, Josh Goot’s partner, in 2012 great mind behind Kanye West’s clothing line and now the fashion director of Miss Vogue.He starred in Warrior in 2011, Zero Dark Thirty in 2012, The Great Gatsby in 2013, Black Mass in 2015, Loving in 2016, and Red Sparrow in 2018.He has also won several awards in his career which speak about his talent and passion for work. He has directed, co-produced, and written the film He has a great-going career in the USA but he still has a desire to return to his country of birth.He appeared comfortable in his outfit as he walked hand-in-hand with Christine.Joel also sported a cap and a camera which he hung from his neck as he set out for a day of sightseeing with his stylist girlfriend.Now for the Kim Konnection: Centenera styled Kim for her latest cover, the February issue of Vogue Australia.

The couple were seen spending time together in the Soho neighborhood of the Big Apple.Although, Centenera is clad in head-to-toe black, obviously.In an inception style twist, Centenera consults on Kanye West’s fashion line, and Kim Kardashian has previously credited Kanye’s influence for her recent wardrobe makeover.Joel and Christine first started dating last year and they have kept a relatively low profile throughout their relationship so far..pagination .older .pagination .newer .post-nav-icon .older .post-nav-icon .newer .post-nav-icon .older .pager-heading .newer .pager-heading .newer .pager-title .entry-meta .single-sharing-btns h3 .social-share-buttons.size-large .social-share-buttons.style-default [data-service] .social-share-buttons.size-large* .social-share-buttons.size-large.style-default label .social-share-buttons.style-default label .single-sharing-btns label .social-share-buttons label strong.tag-heading .entry-tags.gray-2-secondary a .entry-tags.gray-2-secondary strong.tag-heading .entry-tags .gray-2-secondary a .entry-tags.gray-2-secondary img.pinimg .post-meta .comment_count .post-share1 .post-share1 a i .post-share1 a:hover i .post-share1 a .sharebox span .sharebox .meta-date .meta-date a .subscribe-box .divider.narrow .subscribe-box:before, .subscribe-box .block:after .subscribe-box .block .subscribe-box .caption .subscribe-box .subscribe-box .email .subscribe-box div .subscribe-box .caption .subscribe-box .caption h4 .subscribe-box .subscribe-box .email .subscribe-box .subscribe-box .btn:hover .subscribe-box .email:focus .subscribe-box .caption p @media only screen and (min-width: 961px) and (max-width: 1080px) .feat-item .feat-overlay .feat-overlay-inner .feat-item .post-header .feat-item .post-header .post-header a .feat-item .post-header h2 .feat-item .post-header h2 a .post-header /************************************************* * 10.

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