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“Later on, she leaned over and sipped from his drink, wrapping her hand around his and bringing it to her mouth.” gael garcia and natalie portman dated in 2004 but god saw and she saw it was too good, too perfect so they split up. pic.twitter.com/ug G1d6w Fm E — rosie's baby (@uternal) February 28, 2018 Another report, from 2006, said the two couldn’t keep their hands off each other. At the time, Clarín best summed up the drama as: “Who is Gael García Bernal dating? All meaning him Dolores Fonzi Natalie Portman.” Many outlets reported that following rumors of a Gael Dolo relationship, Natalie headed to Baires to fight for her man (or something along those lines).

Luna owes his success in the field of art to father, who regularly brought him to the sets and also mentored him in several aspects of art.

As a social/political activist, he owns an organization known as Ambulante A.

C alongside his longtime friend cum business partner García Bernal.

Before the actor showed, model Waterhouse was previously in a romantic relationship with actor Bradley Cooper for two years, after which they called it quits in 2015 to allow Suki focus on her young career.

Named Alice Suki Waterhouse after her birth on January 5, 1992, in Hammersmith, London, England, Luna’s girlfriend is the daughter of plastic surgeon Norman Waterhouse and cancer care nurse Elizabeth Waterhouse.

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