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A mousy 13-year-old who wants to be "hot" stops wearing underwear to school. Though the explosive-issue-per-capita ratio is seriously out of whack (and you'd probably not want your kid to attend Degrassi for that reason), the teen-diary attention to B-plot microissues (zits, periods, parents' night) gives the episodes a peculiar authenticity no matter how outrageous their story lines.A 17-year-old girl wonders whether to abandon her alcoholic mother and move in with her boyfriend. Without much help from parents and teachers, kid characters try to figure out their lives, and kid viewers around the world second-guess them.

Luckily for Mc Intyre, by season's end -- August in the United States -- Ashley will return to her self-absorbed, drama-queen roots in a cliffhanger that reduces the person closest to her to a homeless, quivering wreck.Citing responsibility fatigue, Martin had announced that he was leaving the show at the end of the season, but Schuyler, who is maternal in a distant way, wasn't slowing down to mourn.In tight jeans and boots, she sat facing away from her plasma-TV monitor, resisting the temptation to oversee that day's shooting."Aaron doesn't have the educational background," she continued. A.'s, but Aaron's background is completely entertainment -- we pull against each other from time to time because he feels that I'm being too intense and messagey, and I feel that he's losing the intent of the show."Schuyler's insistence on a mix of extreme youthful dysfunction and "messaging," stopping short of public service announcements, is why "Degrassi" -- or rather the "Degrassi" franchise -- is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year."I maintain that one of the things that makes ' Degrassi' work is that we do quite gracefully blend education and entertainment, but I am completely aware that you have to entertain first. The current show is the latest iteration in a series that began in 1980 as "Kids of Degrassi Street," a quasi-documentary project that emerged out of theater workshops with local kids.

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At the studio and back lot of Epitome Pictures, in an industrial part of Toronto, every day was prom night. Dozens of gangly kids in ill-fitting formal wear swayed to a loop of dance rock in a gym tricked out with blue and yellow balloons.

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