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We're scratching our heads in confusion while trying to ascertain just what happened to her career.

Here are a few theories as to why Hollywood seemingly won't cast Jennie Garth anymore. Garth did not have good things to say about her colleagues.

There are so many different styles to choose from…honestly a style for every body!

I just felt like I needed to go back to where I came from.

I wanted my girls to experience that sort of childhood," she told , "I spent a couple of years lying in bed and being depressed … Physically I didn't look my best, and mentally I didn't feel my best." It wasn't until her daughters, Luca, Lola, and Fiona, showed her a video that was recorded during the family's Christmas celebration that Garth realized how bad things had gotten.

Though Garth admitted it's still a process for them now, the two are "constantly wanting to better the relationship." On the new "BH90210," the TV version of Garth -- the actors all play caricatures of themselves -- is also blindsided by her third husband filing for divorce.

The couple had three daughters together – Luca Bella, Lola Ray, and Fiona Eve.

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When everything wasn’t shiny and pretty and fun like it had been initially, when things got challenging, [Dave] didn’t know how to handle it as much.” When Garth started working on the reboot of her iconic 90s show with close friend and co-star Tori Spelling, she saw an opportunity to use some of her experiences as material for the show. “The [possibility of a third divorce] really devastated me. But when I finally did accept, like, we’re breaking up, I had to tell myself, Dave is not an option. And then, just when I felt whole again, we started hanging out.” Garth sees how the time she and Abrams spent apart helped them both grow where they needed to, saying, “we both had separate learning to do, and then coming back and sharing that growth was kind of the fiber that connected us back together like, ‘I see you differently now.’” Since reconciling, the couple continues to work on their marriage.

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