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When two stars date each other either it's kept under the radar or it makes the headline.In Amanda and Justin case, it was the second one as they were spotted in many celebs hotspots.With all the break-ups and hook-ups, Amanda is again in a relationship, only time can say how long the relationship will last.But now, Amanda Cerny and her new boyfriend Logan are busy making videos and giving time to each other.”Ultimately, the two seem to just be asking for privacy as they try to figure out if there are definite romantic feelings between them.Logan continues, “We were keeping this private guys.During their relationship, they made videos together due to which they were the hottest internet couple.After dating for some time, the Vine couple had a break-up without any convincing reasons.

The relationship which started in 2016 did not go very far as they broke-up making another headline. The relationship was public when Dane and his girlfriend were spotted spending time together in Hawaii.

But it is sure that the break-up was mutual as they can be seen together in some videos too.

Amanda and king moved on as King Bach started dating Liane Valenzuela another fellow Vine star whereas Amanda made the headline dating the R&B star Justin Biber.

Everything between the two Vine actors is going well but this is not the first relationship of Amanda with the Vine actor. As of now, there are rumors of Amanda breaking up with Logan and both of them has not confirmed or denied the news yet.

The Vine stars, King Bach and Amanda dated back in 2015.

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