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But for just as long, Memp Hitz has loudly denied her claims. though and just a few weeks ago, she posted a backstage clip of Toya and Memp Hitz having a disagreement to further attempt to back up her abuse claims (although Memph did NOT hit Toya in that clip).

Throughout the years, Memp Hitz’s wife, Toya Wright, has had arguments on social media with K. But this is what has now transpired in the past few days…. Michelle for lying on him to the media, after he was able to prove, through a lie detector test he'd taken on national TV, that he never laid a hand on K. Michelle did something oddly outside of her character...

The rapper that is from America possesses a net worth of about million.

His net worth came as a result of his involvement with music and also been the chief executive officer of “Get Low Records”.

Memphitz earned 0,000 per year as a host on BET.

He also made headlines in 2012 when his ex K Michelle appeared on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. That accusation began a long feud between her and Toya. Robert’s current occupation and job is sports manager for athletes.

The rapper first made his voice appearance in the song “coming of age” that was produced by Clark Kent.Neither of us could understand why a grown man would want to push a small child's face in?Especially when the accidental knock down was clearly unintentional on the boy's part.Memphis Bleek was given birth to in the year 1978 June 23 With his birth name as Malik Cox, he became known initially for his stay with the Roc-a-Fella Records and his role with Get Low records that his owns.His name Memphis was a result of his involvement with fellow hooders that gave rise to such name.

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