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Mutt and Alexis got to know each other in season 1 when they were both sentenced to community service for past crimes.

Rather than living a life of luxury, Mutt was more of a hippie who lived in a barn and took interest in composting.

So how about we find out just who Tim Rozon really is, what makes him tick, how he viewed the audition process for the show, if he really plays the piano, and what other projects this busy guy has going on in his life.

I remember reading with Alexz and that there were alot of people in the room.

Mutt was introduced as the adult estranged son of Roland and Jocelyn Schitt (Chris Elliot and Jennifer Robertson).

The bearded and brooding Mutt instantly caught the attention of Alexis (Annie Murphy) after the Rose family relocated to the podunk town.

(But may I suggest polyamory, Wynonna, Doc, and Dolls?

Can you give us any hints or sneak peeks on what is to come? So, as close as he feels with Wynonna, it's just like always this distance that they put between them and then having Alice was the one thing that was gonna bring them together. "Not everybody's going to feel the same about it," said Andras. Everybody might not be in the same emotional space.Wynonna and Doc, in the so many ways that our show's untraditional, they had a baby before they even decided that they were actually a thing and Dolls is still in the scene. '" It's very relatable that Wynonna, Doc, and the rest of the Purgatory crew would still be reeling from Alice's departure, not to mention the impending doom villain Bulshar represents for the town and world. The character, played by Tim Rozon, was a recurring figure in the first two seasons of the Canadian sitcom.Rozon guest-starred in two later episodes but many fans have wondered why his role greatly diminished.

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We know the fans cannot wait to see what happens after we were left with such a cliffhanger at the end of season 3!

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