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Halsey, born Ashley Frangipane, is notoriously private and tight-lipped when it comes to her relationships, but some dedicated fans have uncovered receipts as to her dating history and how it relates to her music.

Twitter Halsey’s longest relationship has been a tumultuous on-and-off affair with Lido, a Norwegian producer.

Halsey has gained more and more of a loyal following with every year.

The insider adds that the pair really like each other and laugh nonstop when they're together.We can't stand each other."Naturally, the two then burst into laughter and Camila even admitted that Mendes was jealous of her former relationship with 19-year-old singer-songwriter Austin Mahone."While we were on tour Austin and I were dating and Shawn was just kind of being a loaner!" she joked before adding, "Yeah he was so jealous and he couldn't come out on stage because he was just seething rage and crying blood." "remember that one time @shawnmendes and @schloss8 decided to turn me into a fruit basket while i was napping? KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN BOYS," the Fifth Harmony stunner wrote of a pic in which she's sleeping while Mendes is standing behind her making a silly face.When told they would make a cute couple, Mendes quipped, "We can't do that!I mean Spanish and Canadian don't really mix" before Cabello added, "We actually hate each other in real life.

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Nick's love for boats then grew into a love for sailing and the Rhode Islander has been racing professionally for almost his entire life.

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