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The timestamps are used during data retrieval to check the validity of the data point.If a timestamp does not match the expected value for its position relative to the beginning of the requested series, it is known to be out of date and a null value is returned During the write of a data point, Whisper stores the same data in all archives at once (see Multi-Archive Storage and Retrieval Behavior).Whisper is a fixed-size database, similar in design and purpose to RRD (round-robin-database).It provides fast, reliable storage of numeric data over time.★★★★ NEW ★★★★ - search for whispers by topic and location - view tags related to a whisper - flag inappropriate whispers and hide them from your view - you can now delete whispers you've posted if you change your mind about them Features: -View a real-time stream for instant social interaction -Endless inspiration & creativity -Share Whispers on Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr -Much, Much More!This application is NOT an official Whisper application, but is created by a fan.

If you are in need for aggregation of the highest resolution points, please consider using for that purpose.

For example, an archive with 1 data point every 60 seconds can have a lower-resolution archive following it with a resolution of 1 data point every 300 seconds because 60 cleanly divides 300.

In contrast, a 180 second precision (3 minutes) could not be followed by a 600 second precision (10 minutes) because the ratio of points to be propagated from the first archive to the next would be 3 1/3 and Whisper will not do partial point interpolation.

While Whisper allows for reliable storage of irregular updates, it is most space efficient when data points are stored at every update interval.

This behavior is a consequence of the fixed-size design of the database and allows the reading and writing of series data to be performed in a single contiguous disk operation (for each archive in a database).

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Implied by this behavior is that all archives store from now until each of their retention times.

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