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In much the same way as in China, women face an enormous uphill struggle from the day they are born.

Girls often receive no education because their parents are afraid they might get raped or kidnapped en route between home and school.

While a few women may find employment in education or politics, the number is minimal, and most find work in hotels, bars and factories, where they receive less pay than men, despite being occupied at the same tasks.

About 30 million single girls in Ethiopia are looking for you in one of the strangest and mysterious country of the world.

They are also unable to choose their own husband, the selection is done for them.

And should they have the misfortune to be raped, there will be no support to help them overcome the misery and rejection.

In this country, people use their hands to lift the food to their mouths. Food normally arrives in the shape of a thick meat stew, with side dishes of vegetables planted on top of large flat pancakes made from sourdough.

Don’t look too hard for pork or shellfish, though, because you won’t find them.

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If this isn’t your scene, how about an expedition to the Great Rift Valley, running north and south in the centre of the country, and the Denakil Depression in the northeast, but here you must be prepared to be hot!

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