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Port Macquarie local Melinda Cockshutt, racing in the female 30-34 agegroup took out 3rd female overall in a time of 9.50. Thanks and keep up the great work Website of the WeekToby sent through this weeks website: what he said. not ironman specific, but a good initiative in the US - and they're starting with triathlons (think the guys who set it up seem to be triathletes mainly so they're starting there).

Melinda works, she is a mother of two young children and not only that, her husband Todd was also racing and he finished in 10.55. Press release (see bottom of this email) was reported on Xtri two weeks ago.

Sessions such as 20 mile runs, 50/10 bricks, double 100s and half IM simulations were well attended.

I even ran camp HTFU in the Alps in May for 4 of the members where i planned out a 40 hour training week at Lake Annecy.

Check them out: com This Weeks Websites Brett Sutton interview, supplements with drugs in them, age grouper photo, com, Rusts, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart: Kia Kaha Episode 113 Ironman Talk - Epic Camp Italy Day 1&2 Camp Day 1&2 Interviews John interviews a couple of the people on the first couple days of Epic Camp Italy.

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Episode 122 Ironman Talk weeks news New IM Race, IM Cozumel. In short, the plan was one extreme session per month run by myself, to try and build a team spirit, help people through long runs and rides and keep everyone motivated to stay fit through the winter.

We may have done this in the past, fingers crossed that we haven’t!

Website of the Week This week we have a couple websites that are trying to put on running events that organised running events all around the world on one day.

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