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Since Shravan knows that Deepthi was killed ten months earlier, he becomes suspicious of Satya in his new persona, and follows him to a mall, where Satya kills him.

During the investigation on Shravan's death, Satya presents himself to Varma as an eyewitness.

They board a bus on route to Hyderabad, but the bus is stopped unexpectedly and boarded by three men: Veeru's henchman Deva, Veeru's brother Ajay, and a corrupt police inspector, Shravan.

They kill Deepthi in front of Satya, and he suffers an almost-fatal stab wound.

Devi Sri Prasad composed the film's music, while Marthand K. Yevadu's story was partially inspired by John Woo's 1997 film, Face/Off, and revolves around two strangers, Satya and Charan.

Before Shailaja could inform Satya about Charan, Satya had left the hospital.Instead, Satya sends copies of the pictures to Veeru, to turn him against both Ajay and Shruti.Satya then convinces Ajay that the only way to save Shruti from Veeru's ire is to kill Veeru, which would also allow Ajay to gain his brother's position.Leaving Shailaja, Satya visits the slum, under the guise of Charan.After meeting the locals, he decides to avenge Charan's death.

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Suspecting that the attack might have something to do with his new face, Satya visits Dr. When they meet, Shailaja confesses that she has given Satya the face of her deceased son, Charan; she then goes on to explain the circumstances surrounding Charan's death.

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