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Spectacular downfalls are bait and fodder for know-it-all pundits who put forth their personal theories in a bid for credibility, or at least notability, in the same way Perez Hilton rose to fame milking Britney Spears’s own downfall. Internet pundits all think they know the precise moment that Yahoo went from being the zeitgeist of the Zombo Com era to the new Blockbuster Video. There can be no better illustration of Yahoo’s bad programmers at work than the existence of the once infamous chat booters. This is a chat booter: The above carnage is what an unlucky Yahoo Messenger or Chat user would see when an internet miscreant — usually an unemployed, involuntarily celibate 37 year old in his parents’ basement — decided to “boot” them.

Inevitably, blame will usually be laid at the feet of some embarrassing strategic blunder. Here is a video of someone being booted, to give you the full effect: Chat booters are a form of junkware that exploit the many holes in Yahoo Messenger’s design to barrage the recipient with a Zerg rush of garbage data until their Yahoo client freezes up and shuts down.

finally came to terms with the sobering truth: they were the Nickelback of tech. And just as Nickelback fans ultimately abandon them for the Foo Fighters, most of Yahoo’s users have slowly osmosed over to Google. With private messaging, a common area to chat with and meet new people, and personal profiles, Yahoo had a sort of Web 1.0 social network in the early 2000s.

Hand in hand with this revelation came their humiliating sale to Verizon for .5 billion. Any other company might have parlayed this into a cornerstone of their success, but Yahoo, a languid “media company” run by suits and overflowing with what Paul Graham bluntly calls “bad programmers”, ran Yahoo Messenger and Chat into the ground.

Once a booter was set loose on your screen name, your Messenger would crash and maybe even your computer.

In any case, the protocol for Yahoo Chat was so sloppy that even those third-party hacks could not fully do away with booting.

The chat rooms themselves languished, overrun by exurban scene trash typing in 48 point text, spam bots, and sex predators.

The latter became such a problem that the hapless Yahoo gave up on user-created chat rooms completely.

By 2012, Yahoo Chat was dead, and, in 2016, all desktop versions of Yahoo Messenger were discontinued.

Still clinging desperately to existence are mobile versions that sit alongside 100 other, better mobile chat apps, and it’s only a matter of time before they themselves disappear.

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Blocking the offending chat user would do nothing because booters fabricated screen names.

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