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Here people from all over the world came to review their favorite piece of multi media entertainment - for you see youngins Rotten Tomatoes had not yet reached the heights it has today. Little did she know, the young avatar in his atempt to flee the Fire Nation was pierced in the heart by a stray arrow".

Looking for the Avatar yielded quiet a number of results. Over the next few days the young fool read over everything people said about the Avatar. From that day forward the young fool learned that not everything in the Internet is as it seems.

I have about 5 separate fics in 3 fandoms in progress! I would “watch” on You Tube and was obsessed checking hourly at times for updates.

(The only reason I have so many is so that I don't get bored and I have something else to work on if writer's block strikes)When I was around 11, I was obsessed with High School Musical I used to religiously watch these things on youtube fans made called "stories" where it's basically a fanfic in script format superimposed over pictures of the characters. Then they moved to the You Tube description boxes as walls of text.

King of Games Web Site - yugioh magic millennium The official Yu-Gi-Oh! General Discussion Jul 10, 2005 PM 5 to the New and Improved Yugioh Mania Web Page Master.

King of Games Web Site - monsters, duel monsters cards, game king, magical millennium puzzle, WB anime TV show Ron's Dimension They also discover that each one of them possess abilities and how to use them.

He agreed with many and disagree with some, but going over the information he found one comment."Hey check out this fanfiction about the show is great! If he had the experience of the modern day he would have read the summary! The End I was watching some show or movie and there was a character being made fun of because of Star Trek fan fiction.

"The naive one followed the provided link to Fanfiction. I continued to think it was like the bottom barrel of fandom.

Then, I clearly remember thinking Let me tale you a tale.

The young fool was enamored with a new piece of entertainment called Avatar the Last Airbender. By the time the young naive fool finished his first "fic" he was no longer naive to the dangers of the Internet.

As none of the young fools friends knew of this Avatar he sought to find like minded people on the Internet. he scawered the Internet until he found - a very different realm from today to be sure. As he read in denial:"Katara stayed in the palace with her husband, Zuko, mourning the loss of her brother and wondering what became of Aang.

I was also going through puberty at the time so I thought the porn was neat too.

Quizilla had choose your own adventure type stories on it.

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