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Q: How do you know if you are dealing with a smart zombie?

A: He wanted to eat the chicken sandwich you just ate!

Q: Why did the zombie ignore all his new Facebook friends?

Q: Why did the zombie bite off the comedians hands?

A: Uggghhh, you’re one of those annoying GREEN zombies!

Q: What did the zombie’s friend say after she joined Greenpeace? ” Q: What did one zombie say to the other zombie while eating a comedian?

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All things considered, they were remarkably level-headed guys, which is something that came to mind when I found this article about Taylor Lewan, a six-foot-eight, 302-pound offensive tackle at Michigan, who rides a tandem around campus, usually with somebody else. Q: What did the zombie say after seeing his neighbor’s new car? Q: Do dark circles around the zombie’s eyes make him look dead? Q: What did the last of the zombies say to the survives of the apocalypse? Q: What has a dog’s head, a cat’s tail and brains all over its face? Q: What do you call a zombie door-to-door salesman? Q: What did the zombie’s ex say when she wouldn’t stop calling? Q: What did the zombie do after he dumped his girlfriend?

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